Treasure Island started as a Blackberry group January, 2011 after two of its founding members, Tolu and Da' King were bounced off a BBM group for disagreeing with the Moderator. Da' King then decided to create an Island where views of members will be valued and respected whilst ensuring that the contents of the BBM group will be qualitative enough to entertain and enrich the members...Treasure Island was then given birth to..

With a few members in January, 2011, Treasure Island has continually evolved and given birth to numerous BBM Groups duplicating its style and panache...with 5 rooms themed on Business, Jokes, Religion, General Discussion and Relationship/Sex, members are sure to get excitement and fun in the house...behind the Treasure Island story, please meet its finest members...

'Miss V'

This Mass communications graduate of Auchi Polytechnic is one endowed and beautiful too. Her favorite quote says it all..." don’t tease me if you can’t please me'(hmmm...). Her favorite housemate is Da KingPin who she has a crush on along with Adunnie..(Yea...Adunnie is a girl). She is a Manchester United FC fan and in her own words...she is bold, sassy, and heavily chested (No wonder she supports Man-chest-er!).she won the "Most Endowed Housemate' at the TI2 awards.Her hobbies include reading, clubbing and sleeping. To her, "TI is a place for matured minds where issues that bother the heart are discussed..."


Parker is a relatively new and rather quiet member of the house. a recent graduate of History and International Studies from the Ajayi Crowther University, his favorite housemate is Tunde Rodriguez. His favorite quotation is 'be the best you can be in a world which is trying its best day and night into making you someone else'. His favorite club is Arsenal Fc.


Adunnie joined TI a few months back but as been an exemplary housemate...the newest member to be made an Admin, she is loved by not a few housemates...unfortunately for the guys, she is married with kids (would u believe that after seeing her pix?). She is a fan of Chelsea Football Club and has Mona as her favorite housemate. her hobbies include dancing, cooking and reading (now you ll understand the chemistry with Fifi!) Her favorite quote is 'if i can think it, i can do it'. On her view of TI, she wonders why she hadn’t joined earlier! She won "Housemate of the year" at the TI2 Awards.


This lady can win any beauty pageant in the world. (Oh yes! see her pics before you counter that!). Fifi is a humorous, intelligent and beautiful lady who keeps the house ticking with her banters. Her favorite club is Manchester United and her favorite housemate is Adunnie. her hobbies include cooking, hosting events (with a big smile) and reading.


 Her favorite quote is ' there's no way you can walk and keep the head straight'...which according to her means no one is perfect...hmmm...She was voted the Hottest Chick in TI at the TI Awards. She considers TI a family away from your family...(Awwww...sooo  tooooussshiiiinngg!).

'2nde Rodriguez'

'Tunde' or 'Rod' as he is known in the house is an extremely funny and lively member of the house. His favorite housemate is Ebuka, favorite club Chelsea Football club and his favorite quotation is 'hustle hard or suffer harder'. His celebrity crush is Jessica Alba and his favorite crush (es) are Flo (this guy no wan hear word make him back off...Sealed lips!), Fifi and Paloma...his hobbies include Music, Movies, Travelling and Clubbing. to him, TI is 'a place where matured minds rub minds, have pure fun and just share matters that bother us...and we do that jokingly, seriously and whole heartedly..."


Tina is one curvaceous, cute and sassy member who just joined TI. A jovial member of the house, she is one girl being eyed by many in the house. She is a graduate of Hotel and Catering management from the Lagos State Polytechnic. Her favorite football club is Chelsea.


A graduate of Nursing and a local of the famed Ajegunle City, Clari who is a native of Imo State is an intelligent and unassuming personality...she was a nominee for TI's 2012 most endowed Islander, an award eventually won by Hiptic Queen. Her favorite quotation is “I will lift up my eyes to the hills from where comes my help” and her hobbies are cooking, dancing, reading and chilling out.


Massively endowed and lively, she is also a long standing member of TI. She was runner up for Miss Endowed Award at TI’s 2012 awards. She has a child’s voice and a cute face. She is also a princess. Her favorite quotation is “be yourself” and her hobbies are swimming,travelling, hanging out and reading.


Clay is a graduate of Business Administration and an Events Manager. An extremely intelligent and lively member, she also acts as an Administrator in TI. Her favorite quotation is “if you can think it,you can do it” and her hobbies are watching Television, reading novels, going shopping, and having a nice time with friends.


Gbasky is a Banker and an economist. A conservative and analytical mind, he hails from Ondo state and is married and acts as an administrator in TI. His hobbies include singing, swimming and watching football. He was winner of the Hottest Dude on Treasure Island at the inaugaural TI awards. His pin is 21ed39f3

Da' KingPin

Also known as Ayox, Daking or Ay, he is the founding member of TI and the Chief Admin of TI. He is intelligent and humorous. He hails from Ondo state and a Barcelona Fc fan. He is also a lawyer and sports enthusiast. His favorite quotation is ‘you can only climb a ladder looking upwards’. His hobbies are swimming, sports analysis, playing video games and administering TI. His bb needle is  2706a78c. His favourite housemate is Adunnie and his crush/love is Flo. he was voted the 'Coolest Dude' in TI2  at the TI Awards.


Also known as ‘Efe’, Phatgurl as the name suggests in ‘Phat’ in every sense of the word. Based in the famed Delta city of Warri, there is no dull moment with her. A Man Utd fan, she hails from Delta state. (Wado ooo)


Also known as ‘Elder’, Kross is a long standing member and also an administrator in TI. Funny, witty and married, he is a constant source of fun on the island. He is an Arsenal and Barcelona Fc fan. He hails from Anambra state. His pin is 267607c6


An ex professional colleague of Da King, Bugzy a.k.a Ebuka is based in Kaduna. Witty, lively and humorous fellow, Bugzy has been a long standing member of the Island. He is a Manchester Utd. Fan.


Endowed, exotic, cute and lively, her entrance into TI had brought in new energy. The winner of two awards in TI Awrds- Miss Endowed and Most Swaggerliscious Islander, she immediately became an attraction for most members, a native of Ondo state and a Man Utd fan, members of TI can’t seem to get enough of her.


One of the oldest members of TI, Anu operates mostly in the background and only makes comments occasionally…she is blessed with hips to die for and ‘muscles’ to gym for(lol). She is from Oyo state and a fan of Chelsea fc.


Also known as ‘OBS’, Damilare hails from Ogun State and has been a consistent contributor to discussions in the house. A charming and handsome dude, he is also an accountant. He is a Christian and a Chelsea fan. He was  winner of the 'Coolest Dude in TI1' award. 


Has been a constant pillar ever since her entry into the island and ever active, this single mum is swags and hotness exemplified. She is a fan of Arsenal and hails from Bayelsa State. to her, the greatest thing bout TI is that it is full of life! ( you can say that again!)

Her BBM persona is similar to Anu's. A long standing member of the Island…she is conservative and only comments occasionally. She is based in Ajah area in Lagos.


Biyo is a banker and active member of the house.  A native of Edo state and a firm supporter of Manchester united, Biyo has brought energy into the house with his comments and constant commentary on pictures in the gallery.

‘Sexy Minaj’

As the name suggests, Minaj is one sexy lady who loves dancing and clubbing. She is reserved and humorous. She isn’t into sports and was nominated for the hottest Chick award.


A relatively new member but one who has easily blended into the crazy yet funny and interesting world of Treasure island, she is loved by many and is currently based in Ghana. She has stunning looks and a charm that made Islanders vote her as Miss Take Home to Mama 2012 at the TI Awards’.

Married yet sexy, Jael is heavily endowed. She is a lawyer with a financial investment company and holds an MBA degree. Extremely intelligent and a former classmate of Daking, jael hardly ever runs into trouble with any housemate. A long standing member of the house and an administrator, she’s a sports freak and a Red Devil to the core.


Kezz is a conservative ‘elder’ in the house. He is a handsome banker and loves listening to music, traveling and reading novels. He is a Manchester City and Barcelona Fc fan.  


This slim shiny ebony Island is sexiness personified. A constant issuer of ‘Wealth for today’ in the religious room, she also adds energy into the house. She is a single mum and luvs being positive. According to Wealth, she sees in TI a replica of Big Brother House with the members a bunch of lively and sincere people...


Sexy, Sassy and Hawte..Her contributions and comments span all rooms. Cordial, amiable and nice, she is the current holder of the award of the ' Hottest chick on Treasure Island'.


Detoun is a new member but one who found it extremely easy to blend in the group. She is a law student at the Nigerian Law School Abuja and a massively endowed hottie. She’s humorous and hails from Ekiti State, Nigeria. she was voted 'Miss Endowed TI1' at the TI awards.


Also known as faith, she is an extremely funny and sexy lawyer. She hails from Uganda but based in the UK. She passes as a Nigerian with her diction and flows in the house. A relatively new member, she is an invaluable member of the Island.

'Sleek Lyn'

Also known as Lynda, she is relatively new and cute member of the house. She is Christian and single (she claims not to be searching…hmmm). Her favorite quotation is ‘it is well’. She loves watching movies, playing mind games (is she Mrs. Mourinho?), volleyball, shopping, reading novels, meeting people, travelling and dancing, (only you?).


‘Feistyzee’ or simply ‘Feisty’ is a spirited and highly energetic member of TI. This graduate of Archaeology from the University of ibadan, who is also Customer Service Certified works as a call centre agent in Lagos.( one wonders what a graduate of Archaelogy has got to do with Customer service? Man must wack sha!). Detoun is her favourite housemate.( close observers will notice the physical ‘similarities’). She loves singing, dancing, talking and making new friends. Her favourite quote is Quod promitto perficio. (Google the meaning na! For the lazy minded ones…it means ‘What I promise I deliver’)

‘Flo toh Badt’
Flo is energy and fun in one piece. Sexy, funny, ambitious, witty and sassy, she is currently a student of Business/Marketing at the Kent University. Florence, who is ‘old enough to drink’, also doubles as the C.E.O of Xclusive 24, an informative and funny Nigerian entertainment based magazine. She loves swimming, partying, sleeping and writing. Her favorite quote is ‘do me I do you’ and the rumor mill has it that shez got a thang for Da’ King… (hmmmm)


Aka ‘Queen B’, she is one of the oldest members of TI. Having been off the group for sometime due to an accident she suffered, she is now back with a bang! This final year law Student and the CEO of Arreglista Events is exceptionally cute and every inch a diva. Her favorite quote is ‘with God, all things are possible’. She loves swimming, and going to the cinema. Her favorite housemate is Ayox’


A.k.a Tega is one of the oldest members of Treasure Island. An English Arts graduate from the University of Ado Ekiti, her favorite housemate is Crux and Ayox. Heavily endowed, her hobbies are cooking, reading, and meeting intelligent people… (Interesting).. Mona is considered a “Matured Lover’ by Dami..hmmm. she was voted the 'Housemate of the year in TI1' at the TI awards.


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